Obedience Classes

Level 1 Pet Dog Obedience 

Introduction Class - 9.00am Saturdays

Level 2 Social Obedience 

This is a basic obedience skills group with dog to dog off leash play - 3.00pm Sundays

Level 3

Transition to Formal Competition Obedience 6.30pm Mondays


Beyond Basics

Obedience Classes

Obedience Classes

Saturday and Sunday Afternoons

$15.00 per class

At "Learners on Lead Pet Dog Training" we do Obedience with a fun twist. It is more then Obedience it is a combination of basic manners for your dog to have at home as well as in public, low level Agility and games. This class is suitable for all dogs of any age and is a great way to build your relationship with your dog whilst having fun and developing a clear communication system with your best mate.

Classes are held at “Learners on Lead Pet Dog Training Facility” 35R Ten Mile Lane, Dubbo

Obedience Class Photos