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My 18 month old kelpie Floss, and I came to Learners on Lead with the hope that Floss might be able to be a calmer and more receptive dog. After 2 private lessons with Karen, followed by the Basic Manners course, I have become so much more aware of what I should be doing to make my dog's life better. I have learnt about dog behaviour and the best ways to train a dog - according to the way their brain works. Floss has made some great progress and is a happier dog, and I am a happier owner. As I knew the case would be, it was about training the owner, and the then dog follows that leadership. The trainers at Leaners on Lead are knowledgeable and supportive and I recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their lives with their dog.

Cara Elliott – July 2012

I would like to thank both you and Liz for the wonderful transformation in the manners of my beautiful Labrador, Raya. I was impressed by the excellent example in Positive Reinforcement that you both gave to all members of the class. It was great to have you both model the exact behaviour that you wanted from those enrolled. Thanks again for catching me doing the right thing with my dog. As a teacher myself, I can see how these methods are really very effective. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into each class, it was well worth it.  We had fun in our group and learnt so much along the way.  

Sue Nuttall - 2012

"I had never owned a pup until recently purchasing a German Shepherd (Sasha), so off to Karen's puppy preschool we went.  It was very informative and so much fun. It taught me both from a practical point of view and about the psychology of how dogs think.  Karen's written notes were very detailed and a good source of reference.  More importantly, it gave me confidence with regard to managing my dog's puppy stage.  As a consequence I have enjoyed my dog more than I might have otherwise, given my lack of expertise with regard to dogs in general.  I know that my dog Sasha and I will benefit long term from Karen's great coaching and patience.

Rita Tanswell - 2012

Remus and I have been attending classes at Learners on Lead since 2005. Being an English Pointer with loads of energy, the Basic Manners class was a great way to teach Remus how to behave appropriately around humans and other dogs. It also taught me more about the behaviour of dogs and how to have a good relationship with my dog. After seeing the improvement in Remus' behaviour, we then completed the Beyond Basics course and finally moved into the Advanced Group where we have been member’s sense 2007. As part of this group Remus enjoys going on bushwalks, swimming in the dam, learning new tricks and obedience behaviours, and doing agility. Doing all the activities together is a lot of fun for both of us and it puts a whole new dimension on owning a dog.

Carolene - 2011